Zen Garden FAQ

Last updated: 21/05/2023

  1. How do I play Zen Garden?
    Zen Garden is played by tilting your iPhone or iPad to maneuver a ball towards a flower-shaped hole. The goal is to guide the ball to its resting place and find inner peace through the gameplay.
  2. What is playful mindfulness?
    Playful mindfulness is the concept of combining gameplay elements with mindfulness practices. Zen Garden offers a unique experience where you can relax, destress, and find tranquility through the gameplay.
  3. How many levels are there in Zen Garden?
    Zen Garden features three levels: Mindful Moments, Inner Peace, and Zen Garden. Each level offers a different challenge and deepens your sense of tranquility as the attraction between ball and flower level by level becomes lower. In-between levels you have the opportunity to take a breath to get even calmer.
  4. When started the next time, what is the level I start with?
    By default, the app saves the level you completed last time so that you can continue the experience where you left off. If you want to start from the beginning, just press the Reset-button on the bottom-left.
  5. Can I customize my experience in Zen Garden?
    Yes, you can customize your experience in Zen Garden. You have the option to toggle the meditation sound on or off, allowing you to align your practice with your personal preferences.
  6. What are the benefits of playing Zen Garden?
    Zen Garden provides a transformative journey that helps you tap into a state of inner peace, tranquility, and joy. By engaging in the gameplay and focusing on guiding the balls, you can experience stress reduction and a sense of calm.
  7. Are there any additional features or bonuses in Zen Garden?
    Zen Garden focuses primarily on the calming and mindfulness aspects of gameplay. While there are no additional features or bonuses, the enchanting blend of captivating gameplay and soothing elements creates a serene experience.
  8. Can Zen Garden be played offline?
    Yes, Zen Garden can be played offline. You can enjoy the game and immerse yourself in a state of mindfulness even without an internet connection.
  9. Is Zen Garden available in multiple languages?
    Yes, Zen Garden is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the app.
  10. Do I need a user account?
    No. You don't need a user account. You can just start the app. Play and relax!
  11. Is there any paid content or services?
    There is no paid content, subscriptions, features, or service or any fees.
  12. Are they digital service or physical products?
    There are no digital service or physical products.
  13. Do individual customers pay for the content or services?
    There is no paid content or service and there are no fees. The app is free. In addition, no company or organisation paid for the app. This app is not sponsored by any company or organisation.
  14. How can I contact support for Zen Garden?
    If you have any questions about Zen Garden or would like to share suggestions with us, you can reach out to us by emailing us at garden@zen-games.com. We will do our best to assist you in English or German.

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