Tiltopia FAQ

Last updated: 25/08/2023

  1. How do I play Tiltopia?
    Tiltopia is played by tilting your iPhone or iPad to maneuver a ball towards safe places like flowers, space stations, and more. The goal is to guide the creatures to their resting places while avoiding enemies.
  2. Where did the inspiration for Tiltopia come from?
    Tiltopia was inspired by a popular physical ball patience game from the 1980s and 1990s, where players tilted a device to guide silver balls into holes. It's a nostalgic nod to the author's childhood and may evoke fond memories for many players.
  3. How many levels are there in Tiltopia?
    Tiltopia features three levels: Newbie, Explorer, and Ace. Each level offers a unique challenge and a different set of obstacles to overcome.
  4. How many levels are there in Tiltopia and how do they differ?
    Tiltopia features three distinct levels: Newbie, Explorer, and Ace. Each level varies in terms of difficulty and rewards. As you progress to higher levels, the game becomes more challenging, but the potential points you can earn also increase:
    • Newbie: This is the beginner level. Creatures and enemies move at a slower pace, making it easier to guide the creatures to their safe places. The force that attracts and holds the creature at the safe place is also gentler. For each creature you save, you earn 1 point.
    • Explorer: At this intermediate level, both creatures and enemies move at a moderate speed. The force at the safe places is balanced, offering a moderate challenge. Successfully saving a creature at this level rewards you with 2 points.
    • Ace: This is the most challenging level. Creatures and enemies move at a faster pace, and the force at the safe places is the strongest, requiring precision and skill. The rewards match the challenge, with 3 points awarded for each saved creature.
  5. What can I find in the "Game Themes" view?
    The "Game Themes" view provides a detailed overview of each game theme available in Tiltopia. For every theme, you'll find an introduction to the theme's overall background, and:
    • Safe Places: A description of the areas or objects where creatures can find safety.
    • Creatures: Information about the creatures you'll be guiding to the safe places, detailing their characteristics.
    • Enemies: A rundown of the adversaries you'll need to avoid.
    This view is designed to give players a comprehensive understanding of each theme's unique challenges and features, helping you strategize and immerse yourself in the game's world.
  6. Can I customize my experience in Tiltopia?
    Absolutely! In Tiltopia, you can toggle the sound on or off and select your favorite song from the Home screen to enhance your gaming experience.
  7. Can Tiltopia be played offline?
    Yes, Tiltopia can be played offline. However, while you can enjoy the core game without an internet connection, features like leaderboards, achievements, and In-App-Purchases will not be accessible.
  8. Do I need a user account to play?
    No, you don't need a separate user account to start playing. However, logging in with Game Center provides a richer experience, allowing you to compete on leaderboards and earn achievement badges. Tilt, protect, and conquer!
  9. Is Tiltopia safe for children?
    Tiltopia is designed to be family-friendly. However, we recommend parents and guardians supervise younger children, especially when it comes to making in-app purchases.
  10. How often is Tiltopia updated?
    We continuously strive to improve Tiltopia and release updates periodically. These updates may include new features, bug fixes, and additional content.
  11. Can I play Tiltopia on other devices?
    Tiltopia is designed for iPhone and iPad.
  12. Is there any paid content in Tiltopia?
    Yes, Tiltopia offers the "Master Pass" as an in-app purchase. This pass grants access to all game themes beyond the free "Flower Garden" theme. Purchasing the "Master Pass" also ensures access to potential future theme updates.
  13. Are the in-app purchases digital services or physical products?
    All in-app purchases in Tiltopia are digital services. There are no physical products associated with the app.
  14. Who pays for the content or services in Tiltopia?
    Individual users can make an in-app purchase for the "Master Pass" to access additional game themes. Tiltopia is not sponsored or paid for by any company or organization.
  15. How can I contact support for Tiltopia?
    For questions or suggestions about Tiltopia, please email us at tiltopia@zen-games.com. We're here to help and will do our best to assist you in English.

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